Debunking The Money Objection in Network Marketing

Cesar shares how he handles people who say “I don’t have the money” and how you can too. This is a great video to share with prospects who have told you they don’t have the money because their reaction will reveal their creativity, how hungry they are, their future leadership potential, and if they’re worth working with or not.

Prospects who are future leaders will most likely hear this message, and have an epiphany where they get creative make a commitment to find a way to find the money to get started.

Whiners will watch this video, get offended, angry and/or make even more excuses.

Either way this video will quickly identify who deserves your time and who doesn’t.

In today’s economy with so many people out there hurting and hungry for change who ARE willing to do whatever it takes, it just doesn’t make sense to waste time with people who aren’t hungry, creative, and willing to think out of the box to figure out ways to come up with the money needed to change their financial situations for the better with your opportunity.

It’s easier to complain then act and most people prefer to choose the path of least resistance. Only champions choose to get uncomfortable, and that’s why we admire them and the reason they end up living so comfortably.

I believe in second chances and think you should followup with and show this video to anyone who’s told you they didn’t have the money to take advantage of your opportunity.

I recommend you send them this video to see if they have an “aha moment” and choose to step up and get creative and find the money.

However, if they don’t let em walk, and never forget some will, some won’t, so what, next!

For more videos like this check out his blog and his temporarily free prospecting and closing course. at

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