Develop Fascination For Your MLM Business With Social Media


Social media has made a huge impact on our lives and on the network marketing profession. There are tactics that work effectively to help you get sales, sign ups and interest for your business but unfortunately many network marketers just don’t know how to use social media effectively in growing their MLM business.

Many network marketing leaders, trainers and even companies are teaching their distributors to use tactics that simply do more harm than good.

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Too many network marketers are taking the spray and pray approach. They spam their company name or product in their profile, groups and/or private message in the hopes that someone will respond and buy. That isn’t marketing or sales. Nor is it professional.

When you post your company name or product, it doesn’t create curiosity, it creates resistance. Most people will skim over your posts like it’s junk mail and those that are interested will probably google it before they decide to contact you. When they google it, even if they are going in with an open mind, what do you think they will find? They will likely find negative reviews and links calling your company a scam and they will find it on the very first page of searching.

Create Curiosity

Reduce resistance by creating curiosity.

Instead of mentioning your company product or name try creating curiosity instead. I talk about doing this in the video.

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