10 Email Marketing Tips for Network Marketers

Email marketing is an excellent way to communicate with your customers and prospects. There are many email marketing tips that can help you get your list set up properly and help you communicate effectively with your subscribers.  Make sure to take the time and effort to implement some of these strategies and tips that we are about to provide you with.

Email Subscription Forms

Make it easy for people to subscribe to your email newsletter.  Post signup forms on your website, Facebook page and anywhere else where your fans and customers are active and where you are allowed to put up a form.  Keep your sign up form simple with only a few fields to fill out. You may just want to ask for a first name and email address to get more signups. Another thing you can do is offer a free gift or incentive to anyone who signs up for your list.

Send A Welcome Email To New Subscribers

Welcome new subscribers to your list and let them know what they can expect from you.  Let them know what kinds of emails you will be sending, such as weekly tips, daily deals, sales or  company updates. You might also want to give your new subscribers some kind of gift such as a special offer, discount or other benefit as a way of saying thank you for joining your list.

Personalize Your Emails

Addressing your subscribers by their first name can make your emails seem more personal and friendly.  If you include First Name as a field in your signup form your auto-responder service should give you the capability to dynamically insert first names to give your emails that personal touch.

Make Your Emails Enjoyable And Easy To Read

Use a casual and friendly tone in your emails.  This will make your messages more interesting and enjoyable to read.  Also break up your text into short paragraphs to make the emails easy to read and scan.

Send Out Emails On A Consistent Basis

If your publishing schedule is haphazard, most people will forget about being on your email list.  If you publish on a consistent basis, it is more likely that your subscribers will open and read your emails.  One potential schedule you might want to consider is sending out an email once a week on the same day. Then you can also send extra emails when you have important news, a sales or new product announcement or provide subscribers with special offers or discount codes.

Don’t Make Every Email A Sales Pitch

Although selling your products or services to your subscribers may be one of your main goals, don’t make every single email a sales pitch.  If you do this people will stop reading your emails and unsubscribe from your newsletter. Offer interesting and valuable content as well so that you build rapport and trust with your subscribers.  They will be much more likely to buy from you if you do this first.

Take Mobile Into Account

If your emails do not read well on mobile devices, you have a problem.  You want all of your messages to be mobile-friendly. Use a responsive email template for best results. The Ready Network email template builder can do this for  you.

Be Aware Of Spam Rules

Be sure to review the CAN-SPAM act so that you know what you can and cannot email to avoid running into any problems.  You cannot send out bulk emails. You are only allowed to email individuals who have asked to be on your list.  Make sure every email has a clear unsubscribe link in it.

Review Your Stats On A Regular Basis

Most auto-responder services provide you with free reports that offer useful information.  Make sure you take the time to learn how to read and interpret the reports. Pay close attention to your click through and open rates to see if any patterns emerge. You should review your reports on a weekly basis.

Only Send Out Emails When You Have Something Interesting Or Important To Say

Send your subscribers interesting content, special offers, discounts and other material they are interested in. Plan ahead of time and establish what you want to achieve with your email newsletter.


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